How Christians Can Respond to the Overturn of Roe v. Wade

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. I’ll try and keep this post short and simple, while also trying to recognize that this is a sensitive moment when much anger and confusion is likely to abound. 

How should Christians who follow God’s Word respond to this news? 

1. Celebrate. 

No matter your personal nuanced opinions, this is a moment that we can and should celebrate the protection and dignity of all human life. Don’t spend too much of your time right now arguing about abolitionism vs. incrementalism, or any of the many more opinions within the prolife movement. These are important discussions, but let’s take a moment to celebrate! 

2. Be patient with people. 

There will be (and there already is) quite the outcry from pro-choice America. We’ve already been seeing this. Many will be angry because they feel like something is being taken away. Many genuinely believe that this is all about women’s access to healthcare. While we know that not to be the case, understand that pro-choice America operates under a completely different worldview than biblical Christians. 

We know that every child is a gift, from the moment of conception. We know that every child is worthy of dignity and protection. But so many feel that these little humans are simply a clump of cells until they are born. Again: that may baffle many of us, but try your best to be patient. If you get into conversations, be respectful, calm, and loving. Have as your main goal to understand where they’re coming from, and to help them understand where you’re coming from. Don’t belittle, gloat, or trivialize their anger. 

3. Embrace single moms.

If you don’t already, consider how you would be part of helping single moms who choose life. Maybe it’s volunteering at your local pregnancy center. If you’re in Arlington/DFW like me, the Metroplex Women’s Clinic is an amazing organization that does so much to help pregnant women with the resources and support they need ( 

If you’re a pastor like me, think through how you’re shepherding your church toward embracing and loving single moms inside and outside your church. In many churches, there is still a stigma among members. Single moms don’t feel welcome or at home. This needs to change, and change quickly. Single moms (and dads) are sinners in need of grace just like anyone else in God’s church. If anything, we should go out of our way to encourage and support these parents and their kids. 

4. Pray. 

To be clear: The overturn of Roe v. Wade simply puts the question of abortion back in the hands of the states. Many states will still allow and even support abortion. We need to pray that God would help political leaders to see the injustice of abortion, and be willing to protect all human life, including the unborn. We also need to pray that God’s church would continue to lead in doing the work of caring for single moms, foster children, and all those in need. In fact, we need to pray that God’s church (you and me, in other words) would step up perhaps more than ever before. 

God can do this. We need to be ready. We need to step up. Take a moment to celebrate and thank God for this development. Then, let’s get to work. 


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