What makes a Christian a Christian?

How do you really know that you’re a Christian? The text I got to focus on this last Sunday covered that exact topic. This is an incredibly important topic, as it seems clear in Scripture that many will be deceived into thinking that Christianity is about acknowledging who Jesus is, rather than actually following him (Matt. 7:21).

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  1. david carter says:

    Ryan, I have been so glad to see how you and Jeff have led our youth to in depth discipleship. I recently spoke to the youth about life’s 3 most important decisions, best made when they are young. They think that “to believe” is number one. I explained that we have a shallow understanding of the word, believe. Too often they think that just acknowledging Jesus is enough. I call that – small letters – “i believe”. Some reach the point where they acknowledge that their belief should affect their behavior. A little larger “I believe”, but what I call “half repentance”. I am sorry for the things I have done and promise to do better, but still not dealing with the root of our sin.
    Finally the giant letters “I BELIEVE” – like those early converts in scripture – complete repentance, sold out commitment to follow Jesus.
    The most important decision everyone will make is whether or not to follow Jesus.
    Preach on my friend.

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