Thoughts for Church Members on Easter Sunday


Easter is the highest attended Sunday of the year for churches. It’s an incredible opportunity for churches and church members to really do everything they can to make guests feel welcome.

Below are three thoughts for church members on Easter Sunday.

  1. Be as considerate as possible of other people. Park far away, sit near the front of the auditorium, scoot in to the middle of the aisle, etc. etc.
  2. Make people feel welcome! You don’t have to go around shaking every hand in the room, but if someone is sitting near you who you don’t know, introduce yourself! Ask them if they’re from the area. Ask them other questions. My personal challenge for every single church member: get to know one person you don’t know!
  3. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray Saturday for Sunday. Pray Sunday morning for those that come. Pray as you meet people or see people. Pray for them some during the message and during the music. Many of those that come don’t know Jesus, and even more are those that have been “de-churched.” They’ve experienced hypocrisy, or mean-spirited people, or church drama. Make sure you pray that they see an imperfect, but loving group of people that make up our church!

Sunday we celebrate the most impactful moment of human history. We celebrate a Savior who not only died bearing our sin, but also rose again defeating sin and death! Let’s celebrate not only by worshipping, but also by being obedient in loving the people around us.

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