Good Problems at Raintree

We’ve been having some good problems at Raintree. Here’s a few ways that YOU can help (assuming you attend Raintree).

  1. Park in the grass or on the street. We have been consistently running completely out of parking this summer, even with 10-12 cars parking in the grass field just southwest of our building. If you’re able and willing, consider parking on the street, across the street, or in the field (assuming the weather has been decent). We have some things in the works that will relieve this problem within the next year or so, but this will help us right now.
  2. Move to the front of the sanctuary and scoot in. We just put about 30 more chairs into our sanctuary, maximizing our capacity, so we should have enough space for at least a little while. But please move up and in when you arrive! For those that arrive after you, it’s awkward to walk all the way to the front, especially if they arrive a few minutes after worship begins (which often guests do).
  3. It’s time to SERVE! As Karen mentioned Sunday, we’ve 12 NEW volunteer spots for children this fall. Why? Because we have a LOT of babies and a LOT of 2s/3s. It’s an exciting time at Raintree, and it’s time for ALL of us to step up and serve! I’d love to see every single covenant member and even attendee serve in some capacity.

These are great problems to be having. And the good thing is: yes, we’re continuing to grow numerically, but far more important and even far more exciting is the spiritual growth that is happening. Worship with us, get involved in a Small Group, find a place to serve, and let God mold you into the likeness of Jesus.

Find where to serve here:

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  1. james gilbert says:

    That is awesome news son. You and your staff and elders are doing a great job..Praise him he is worthy….dad

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