The Power and Limitations of Time Management

Sometimes I get stressed. I’m sure you do also. Getting into the Word recently helped to remind me of some great truths about what it means to live urgently and faithfully for Christ. I was reminded of six things, in particular.

1.This life is not mine; it’s God’s. This time is not mine; it’s God’s. 

Yes, this helps me guard against wasting my life and my time. But, perhaps more importantly, this truth also helps me remember that it’s not ultimately in my power to control the fruitfulness of my own life. If my life is his, and my time is his, then I must rely on Him.

2. It’s not about doing the most things; it’s about doing the best things.

It’s about so much more than merely checking off the tasks on my to-do list. In fact, sometimes, doing far fewer things is far better than doing many things. Are we investing our time and energy into the best things, like family, and communing with the Lord?

3. You can’t do it all, therefore don’t try! We must be able to say no. 

This is one of my biggest struggles, saying no. There is no doubt that some of it is due to my people-pleasing tendencies. I don’t like saying no! But there’s no point in trying to do it all, because it’s impossible. Learning to say no, when necessary, is better.

4. Consistency is the goal. Doing little, consistently, results in doing a lot. 

Sometimes I won’t do anything with a particular project or responsibility until I can accomplish the whole task. But this isn’t always best. Perfect example from a busy day recently: I mowed the backyard…I also needed to weedeat, trim the bushes, move some rocks, call an electric company, finish the molding in our hallways, and on and on! I didn’t have time for all that, so I didn’t do it all. I only mowed, but that’s ok! Little by little is better than nothing.

5. A schedule is a great idea, most of the time. See interruptions in light of God’s sovereignty. 

I love scheduling, to a fault. I love scheduling more than I love following through with the schedule sometimes! The question is: do we see interruptions to our schedule in light of God’s sovereignty, or merely as an inconvenience? If God “works all things into the counsel of his will” (Eph. 1:11), then we should see important interruptions as coming from God!

6. You must be filled to be able to give. 

Perhaps most importantly, our relationship with the Lord must come first. If we’re not filled with joy and meaning and purpose and identity in Christ, how can we give? We’ll find ourselves giving from an empty cup. Take the time, no matter how little you have, to open the Word and hear from God. Rest in your identity as a son or daughter of the King. Regularly remind yourself that you’re not required to perform well to earn God’s favor. You have his favor in Christ. Let this be your fuel for working hard, serving faithfully, losing sleep, and seeking Christ above all else!

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