Preparing for the 2020 Election

There is no doubt that this has been quite the contentious election season. I remember watching the first presidential debate—I had to force myself to watch it all the way to the end. I’m still baffled by it. 

I even shared on Facebook recently my personal frustrations with those who can’t seem to find a single good thing to say about the opposing candidate, nor a single bad thing to say about their own candidate. After more than 200 comments later, my point was only proven over and again! 

But really, followers of Jesus need to “keep their wits about them.” So, here are a few simple reminders, followed by a few encouragements:

Two Reminders

1. Our God is sovereign and good. 

Somehow and in some way, God is in control. He “brings all things into the counsel of his will” (Eph. 1:11). One of my favorite passages of Scripture to prove this is found in Daniel 2:20-21:

Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings.

We know he’s in control. We know he’s working all things for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). Somehow, and in some way, whatever happens is ultimately for our good! No matter what happens, don’t forget this.  

2. Our hope is in Christ alone.  

I never want to make light of weighty issues. Politics matters. How our government is run matters. There is no doubt that this is true. But on the other hand, we also need to be careful not to give undue weight to issues that are not ultimate! The fact of the matter is that the results of the 2020 election are not of ultimate significance. Again, it matters, yes. But our hope is in no earthly political system or president!

Our hope is hidden with Christ, and with Christ alone. Even though the 2020 election is incredibly important to the direction of our country for the next four years (and perhaps for the next few decades), it does NOT affect who we are in Christ. 

We are children of God, bought by the blood of Christ, no matter what happens in this election. Our primary citizenship is in heaven. Our secondary citizenship as Americans is important, but it’s also exactly that: secondary.

Three Encouragements

1. Vote. Let your voice be heard. Even with inherent problems in any political system, it’s a wonderful thing that we get to be part of selecting our local, state, and national leaders. 

2. Commit now to respond to the election having in mind the two truths above! Remember these truths now, on election day, and afterward. God is sovereign and good, and our hope is ultimately in no politician! If your candidate wins, don’t be tempted to place your hope in him. If your candidate loses, let it be a sobering (albeit unwanted) reminder that your hope was not in him! 

3. Take “The Barber Pledge”, found below. Bart Barber is pastor of First Baptist Church of Farmersville, TX. He recently posted this pledge on his Facebook page, and someone else created this graphic and entitled it “The Barber Pledge.” I think these are an excellent summary of what we can do as followers of Jesus, no matter what happens on November 3rd. Consider each of these carefully, and commit to them! 

One Comment Add yours

  1. jim Gilbert says:

    Thanks son for the reminder of who is really in charge and it is not the next president and it is not me….DAD

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