I have some availability for speaking engagements of various types, including the theme options below: 1) Apologetics, 2) Radinary, 3) WAKE UP!, and 4) Gospel-Centered Family. Feel free to email me at Ryan@raintreechurch.com.



This Apologetics mini-series covers several of the most common questions that Christians receive about their faith. Click the clip below to hear one particular question answered.

It is, perhaps, more important than ever that Christians are equipped to answer the hard questions about their faith. This series will help equip Christians not only to answer critics, but also to affirm their own faith in the knowledge of the historical Jesus! Questions include: How can a good God allow evil and suffering? How can we really know the Bible is God’s Word? What about the lost books of the Bible? If there are so many translations, aren’t they corrupted by now? More info and clips from this series available by clicking HERE.




Radinary is a mini-series or single message on the life of Stephen, from Acts 6-7. Check out the clip below to get a taste.

The life of Stephen gives us a GREAT picture of what it means to be faithful even in the ordinary things. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the “greatest” and “biggest” thing we can possibly do for God, is exactly what HE wants us to do. Raising children, working a normal job, and just trying to make it with the bills, can actually be some of the most radical (might I say, “radinary”) things we can do for Him!


WAKEUP Graphic

WAKE UP is a mini-series or single message on Matthew 7. The clip below is from the central message, focusing on Matthew 7:21-23.

Matthew 7 includes some of the most needed words for the Church in today’s culture. It reveals the reason why there are so many in the U.S. who claim Christianity, and yet live as if Jesus has had no real impact on their lives. Matthew 7:21-23 are the words that God used to show me that I didn’t actually know Christ, despite having grown up in the church. It also answers the greatest question we need to ask, and the greatest question that we wrongly assume all church-goers know the answer to: What, actually, can save us?!




The Gospel Centered Family is a mini-series on Marriage, Parenting, and Singleness. The clip below is from the session on Parenting.

It seems obvious that the family as the foundation unit of society is under attack. But what most of don’t realize is that the primary attacks are not merely political or societal, but instead personal. WE must shore up our marriages and our families, centering them around Jesus in the home. This starts with a biblical understanding of marriage and the family.