Sneak Peek 2: Welcoming Guests

Changes are coming at Lamar, so we’re wanting to give a few sneak peeks so people can ask questions and start wrapping their minds around these changes. These first few sneak peeks are a bit more “cosmetic.” We’ll get to a bit more important sneak peeks in the near future!

One of these more “cosmetic” changes may seem small, or unimportant, but it’s really not. Every church I know desires guests to visit their place of worship. In fact, most churches I know are generally friendly to guests. However, it’s easy to forget what it actually feels like to be a guest.

You see, you may not realize how much we know that a guest does not know. We know where the bathrooms are. We know where our children go. We know which building Sunday School is in. We know what our church has going on as far as ministries and opportunities to plug in. But guess what? Our guests do NOT know these things!

In order to be sure that we are accommodating guests, and are able to show them the love of Christ as effectively as possible, here are a few changes coming in the next few months:


  1. Information Desk

You’ll see in the coming weeks a new, large information desk in our foyer. The desk itself isn’t actually new, because Lamar has used an information desk in the past. But starting in a few weeks, this will become the physical HUB for all things Lamar, information-wise. We’ll have preschool and children’s ministry information, Sunday School information, past sermon notes (for you to pick up when you miss a week), signups for the email newsletter or upcoming events, and guest gifts! The goal is that this will make it much easier, particularly for newer people, to have one place to go (that’s very visible) to find out where to go or how to get plugged in.


  1. Guest Parking

We will be keeping our handicapped spaces, but also adding very obvious Guest Parking nearest the main entrance to the worship center. Why? Because we want guests to know that they are welcome! Hopefully, if you’re not a guest, you already know you are welcome :). But do us a favor beyond just guest parking: if it’s easy for you to do so, could you join me in parking in the large, overflow parking lot? My goal is not only that guests have a close space to park in, but also handicapped, elderly, and those with larger families have plenty of space near the worship center!


  1. Mom’s Room

Our goal with molding the “Bride’s Room” into a “Mom’s Room” of sorts is to accommodate the particular needs for moms of young children. The Bride’s Room is the perfect place for this, as there is a nice bathroom with a changing table, a fridge with water, AND the worship service is already piped into this room on the TV! This will be perfect for nursing moms and other mom’s of young children who choose to make use of it. This isn’t really new, as it’s been used like this in the past, but we’ll be adding a few rockers, lamps, and a nice carpet for kids to roll around on!


  1. Moving Classrooms Around

We’re not actually sure yet when we’ll be doing this, but I want to make sure everyone is aware that it’s likely to happen eventually. To be completely honest, I’ve been here 6 weeks, and I STILL get turned around in our Education Building. Especially when I go to the youth area upstairs! So, to help with making the best use of our space for worship services in other languages, and for our Bible Studies, we’ll be working on rearranging our classrooms soon.


  1. Welcoming Team

This is probably my favorite. We are going to amp up our First Impressions Group and see volunteers on Sundays ready to take people where they need to go. We’re hoping this is more than just greeting and smiling and “manning” the information desk. These will be people to walk with guests all the way to the Kids’ check-in, and see that they any guest has everything they need. Our goal, also, is that this Welcome Team will be, basically, the first friends guests make when they visit Lamar.


These are just a few examples of the ways we’re hoping to accommodate guests in the near future. And again, most of these are cosmetic changes, nothing too fundamental. Those are coming in the next few weeks. Please continue praying for me, our pastors, and all of our leaders as we discern how best to see Lamar fulfill its mission: “To Know Christ and Be His Light to All Nations and All Generations.”

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